Sharing Knowledge and Success for the Future
EuroMaintenance 2006 – 3rd World Congress on Maintenance

20 to 22 June 2006, Congress Center – Basel – Switzerland

Basel Switzerland was the site of EuroMaintenance 2006 and the 3rd World Congress on Maintenance. During three days 391 participants from 51 Countries and 5 Continents shared their perspective on how to reach new objectives, how to create an entrepreneurial environment providing more space for initiative and creativity, how to be more receptive to emerging opportunities and changing needs and how to build new technology leadership to provide total solution capabilities worldwide. Three eminent key note speakers and 140 speakers from all over the world presented their views and visions.

The Congress uniting Top Management from all over the world was preceded on Monday evening by a warm Welcome Reception. On Wednesday evening, all participants were able to meet up, rekindle long-standing relationship and simply enjoy the evening in a relaxing atmosphere.

Maintenance is an integral part of industrial companies – it is absolutely decisive for safety, availability and productivity. Themes of this first Global Congress concerned the inter-relation among different management approaches, infrastructural needs in a variety of branches and different understanding of globalization. All three themes converge toward supporting people at the top of this triangular pyramid in the background of competitiveness, new markets, technological evolution and dramatic management revolution.

A Real World Congress

This event represented the whole spectrum of the world market for Maintenance, Facility and Asset Management – the unique place for managers, decision makers, professors and experts from every continent and the biggest forum for an international exchange of knowledge. Participants were present from 23 European-, 9 Asian-, 10 African-, 8 American countries and 1 Australian.

10th Maintenance and Facility Management Exhibition

Unique applications and services were shown in the foyer area highlighting the global state-of-the-art. Special areas were dedicated to national associations, national activities and universities. In addition, a smart poster show was displayed at this world’s most global showcase.

2008 – Next outstanding events

A committed and dynamic audience contributed to the success of this event in an excellent atmosphere with team spirit. It was decided to meet next in Belgium to continue this dialogue at EuroMaintenance 2008. The site of the 4th World Congress on Maintenance focussing on World Competitiveness and Sustainability will be in an Arabic country or China.

Personal note to this very global Congress:

The challenge for all of us is to ensure that we remain innovators, continually seeking new ways, fresh ideas, sustainable concepts and improvements throughout all our activities. Let us shape the future together!

Guido Walt
President EFNMS

Supporting National Maintenance and Facility Management Societies

MFA – Austria
BEMAS* – Belgium
ABRAMAN – Brazil
Chinese Plant Maintenance Society – China
HDO* – Croatia
CSPÚ* – Czech Republic
DDV* – Denmark
Kunnossapito* – Finland
AFIM* – France
GFIN* – Germany
MEETA* – Ireland
AIMAN* – Italy
AMDM – Marocco
NVDO* – Netherlands
NFPV* – Norway
COPIMAN – Pan American Committee
PNTTE* – Poland
APMI* – Portugal
SSU* – Slovakia
Dots* – Serbia and Montenegro
DVS* – Slovenia
SAMA – South Africa
AEM* – Spain
UTEK* – Sweden
MFS* – Switzerland
IAM* – United Kingdom
URUMAN – Uruguay

* Members of the European Federation of National Maintenance Societies (EFNMS vzw)

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